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"I hope my web site will inform you about the many areas Diamond Media Productions have been, and are, involved in. You are welcome to email me - I'd be delighted to hear from you. Many folk have sent their good wishes, following the stroke I suffered in November2011, and the subsequent but unrelated problems I encountered with a ruptured gall bladder, which resulted in surgery in September 2012. I am truly grateful for your thoughts and prayers, and the fact that I am still about means that our prayers have been answered - though it was a very close call. in both instances (Oct. 2012)

Well as you can no doubt relalise, I am now pretty much retired, though I still make weekly programmes for CMR Nashville , The Big MG, and Biggles FM 104.8 - details in the Red Hot & Country and My Playlists section.

And for four weeks in July-August 2014,from 10am - 1pm, it was "70s Magic" on Red Sands Radio 87.9FM and on-line at Red Sands Radio


I'm happy to reval that from Mon. 2nd March 2015, I became the presenter of the All-New Lunchtime Show on

When Decades Radio folded due to fincial issues, out of the ashes arose The Big MG.

The Big MG carries my weekly "Nashville Countdown" (The Country Top 30 Chart from the USA), which can also be heard on CMR Nashville and Biggles FM.

In addition, I produce and present thee weekly Sunday Lunchtime Show from midday to 3pm, with similar features that I'd done before, including 6 or more songs from our Artist of the Day, there's my Focus on the Fifties, a Little Bit of Soul, and then at 1.05pm I play

FIVE PAST ONES at Five Past One and at 2.05pm there's FIVE PAST TWOs at Five Past Two.

Willie Morgan  

Mine is a face you might not recognise, but my voice has been heard in many different places.

I have a long and varied background in the UK music and radio industries, and in the 90s and ealy 2000s, I wasfreelancing at Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio), ostensibly as a producer, though I have been known to present on the odd occasion.

To tie in with the release of the Remastered Beatles catalogue, Absolute Radio began a heavy promotion both on-air and on-line. I was enagaged ro set the questions for the on-line Absolute Beatles Quiz, which was hugely popular with the contestants. Also, you can check out my contribution to the Absolute Radio 'One Golden Square' blog.

I'm delighted that my "Red Hot & Country" is back! Every Monrday it can be heard on CMR Nashville from 12.00noon, with repeats during the week. Go to "RED HOT & COUNTRY" for further information.

I was, for 15 years, the voice of White Hart Lane, the home of Tottenham Hotspur FC, where I made the stadium P.A. announcements, and provided the pre-match and half-time entertainment. For four years, I simultaneously held the same position with Arsenal FC, and also had similar spells with Charlton Athletic FC and Watford FC. In the late-eighties, I was also engaged as the announcer at Wembley Stadium for all their major national and international football matches. See "Spurs / Football" for details. I am occasionally invited as guest contributotor onthe Spurs Show Podcast




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