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Kevin Montgomery

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(L to R: Robert Reynolds, Willie Morgan, Paul Deakin, Kevin Montgomery)

Kevin Montgomery

After recording for the Nashville arm of A&M Records, and recording a duet with Mary Chapin Carpenter for the "Not Fade Away" tribute to Buddy Holly, Kevin Montgomery has gone the 'indie' route with an excellent album "Another Long Story" on Road Trip Records.

It was recorded with Jeff Pettibone, but with Jeff unable to make it to the UK in August & September 2000, he was joined by Robert Reynolds & Paul Deakin of The Mavericks, along with Pat Buchanan of the Idle Jets, and the excellent Jeff Finlin.

Incidentally, it was Kevin's father, Bob Montgomery, who wrote many of Buddy Holly's hits, including "Wishing", the song on which Kevin duetted with Mary Chapin Carpenter. It was this connection with Buddy that was the catalyst for Kevin and the guys being invited by Sir Paul McCartney, to play at the 25th Anniversary Buddy Holly Week concert, at London's Mermaid Theatre, on 7th Sept.

A few weeks earlier, they came in to Ritz 1035 to promote the Borderline show, and to join David Allan on his show:


and Kevin returned to spend over 2 hours as the special guest of Nick Stewart, on the Captain America show, on Thu. 28th Sept., an a great show it was !

Kevin, Robert, Paul and Doug Pettibone decided to call themselves Paint, and came back to tour the UK in May 2001, and I was fortunate to catch them at the Back Door Club at the Torrington in North Finchley, on Tues, 15th May. They'd rushed there from appearing on Johnnie Walker's Radio 2 show, and Johnnie was also at the gig. I enjoyed a drink with him and with Nick Stewart (Captain America), Mark Hagen, Miles Long, and the legendary Mick Green of The Pirates.

Paint's set was stupendous, featuring all the songs from their limited-edition EP, plus many from Kevin's album "Another Long Story", and the odd Mavericks song. The finale was in keeping with the Mavericks shows, in which they just knocked out a mess of oldies, from Clarence 'Frogman' Henry's "Ain't Got No Home", Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well", to Nirvana's "All Apologies". An amazing night!

For more info, check out: www.kevinmontgomery.com

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