Manx Radio - Isle of Man

Jukebox Saturday Night

Series One ran each Saturday (6.30pm to 9pm) from 1st June 2002 to 29th March 2003

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Starting on 1st June 2002, I took over this slot from the hugely popular Don Beattie, who has been enthralling the listeners to Manx Radio with his personal selection of great music from the Fifties and early Sixties, for two and a half years. I wish him a long and happy retirement.
My vast collection of records from this era now get a fresh airing, be they Rock & Roll, Skiffle, Swing, Ballads, Rhythm & Blues or Novelties...
Each Saturday I dip into the Birthdays and Anniversaries of the week, and I feature the corresponding British & American Charts of that day, in a previous year.
Add to that your requests and some of my personal favourites - my Jukebox Saturday Night is not to be missed...and if you do happen to miss a show, you can check out all the songs I play by looking at the Playlist!