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The other Willie Morgan!

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I have often been kidded about my name, and been asked if I'm the same bloke who had a distinguised career playing for Manchester United!

Well, as you can see, he and I look nothing like each other, but we finally met and had an enjoyable lunch in Altrincham in November 2007.

I told him that back in the early Seventies, whilst on holiday in Majorca, I bumped into his then playing colleague, George Best, on the beach. I happened to be wearing a T-Shirt with my name on (don't ask!) and Besty called me over and asked if I was a United fan. I explained that I wasn't and that it was my real name.

We had a photo taken.

From that day onwards, whenever we met up - and it was on a great many occasions - he would always call me "The Other Willie Morgan".

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