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The SuperGold network was launched by Chiltern Radio plc on Sunday 24th June 1990, following the decision to split the AM & FM services. With the exception of myself, all of the on-air staff at the launch had transferred from the Hot-FM stations.

The service ran from Studio 1 at the Dunstable centre, and was initially networked to the Chiltern 792am Bedford and Northants 1557am transmitters, as well as the Luton/Dunstable 828am transmitter. Some months later, when the Chiltern Group acquired Severn Sound, we added their 774am transmitter to the fold.

That first Sunday, the service was launched at 10.00am by Tony Lloyd & Colin Wilsher, co-presenting. I broadcast my very first "SuperGold Elvis Hour" at 6.00pm, and an hour later, SuperGold re-joined the Hot-FM until Monday at 6.00am the next morning.

The original weekday line-up included Colin Wilsher for breakfast, Bill Overton with an hour's phone-in at 10.00am, Dave Foster till 3.00pm, and Tony Lloyd at Drive, until 7.00pm.

The Sunday line-up included Paul Burrell, who from 1st July preceded my "Elvis Hour".

As a freelance, much of my time during the week as spent producing features for Dave Foster's show. As there was no budget, I had to generate my own income by negotiating sponsorships.

Before long, I had began to cover different shifts, and in early 1991, I was given two extra hours on the Sunday night, and thus was born "Sunday Will Never Be The Same".

In due course, SWNBTS was extended till midnight, and I was to produce and present a great many 'specialist' shows. Click on the button to take you to the appropriate page:

Elvis Hour


  Classic Soul

  Rock & Roll

  Beatles Hour

  Down In The Vaults

  Morgan on the Mississippi

  Lunchtime Show

Red Hot & Country

We decided to hold a reunion on what would gave been our tenth anniversary. Click below:

10th Anniversary Reunion

In due course, I will post more about the history of SuperGold.