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We held a reunion for the former staff and management of the SuperGold network on what have been the 10th anniversary - 24th June 2000.

A number of former presenters were joined by ex-journos, techies, and bosses at the old "Studio 6" - The Priory in Dunstable, Beds.

(left-right): WILLIE MORGAN (ex-Network Controller), COLIN MASON (Founding Managing Director), and PAUL ROBINSON (Founding Group Programme Director)

Robbo, having spent the intervening years in senior management at BBC Radio One and at Talk Radio, is currently running the Disney TV Channel. Colin has a number of interests in the radio business, and is still 'something big in the Army'.

Besides me, another of the original presenters, Tony Lloyd was there. We were both on-air on the launch day, and he lasted almost as long as me - he actually left two weeks before the closedown, in 1996 - to use up his holiday allowance !

(left-right): TIM ALLEN (ex-Northants SuperGold presenter), NICK JAMES (ex-SuperGold Network boffin), MIKE HARRISON (ex-SuperGold Network presenter) and TONY LLOYD (ex-Chiltern SuperGold and Network presenter).

Not in picture, but there on the night: PETER FIELDING (ex-Chiltern SuperGold and Network presenter), CHRIS GRANT (ex-SuperGold Network presenter and Network Organiser), SIMON CLARKE (ex-SuperGold boffin and occasional presenter) and MARK & SARAH GALE and JOHN HUGILL (ex-SuperGold Network boffins).

These days, Tim can be heard on Hereward-FM and Classic Gold; Nick is now a Network presenter on GWR-FM; Mike and Peter were last heard in South Herts. on Mercury-FM (formerly Oasis); Chris is voicing lots of commercials, as ever, and has been heard on the digital station Planet Rock. Tony continues to run his successful business, though these days he does it from an office - no longer Studio 1 !!! Simon is a presenter in the Midlands on Heart-FM, and Mark is now a presenter in Bedford on B-97 Chiltern-FM.

Pictured below, flanking Paul Robinson, are BILL OVERTON and TIM PAGE.

Bill was part of the original SuperGold line-up, presenting the daily phone-in. In recent years, he co-presented the Talk Radio Breakfast show, with Kirsty Young, and is now presenting shows on 94.9 BBC London Live.

Tim was a news journalist, based in Bedford, before switching to become one of the senior news editors at the Network News centre. He became a regular weekend presenter on SuperGold, and is now the Programme Controller at 107.7 The Wolf, in Wolverhampton.

 Also in attendance, but somewhat camera-shy, were: Angus Moorat, who was Editor of Network News, and a SuperGold presenter. He is now Head of News at Metro Networks. Liam Whiteside, who was and still is a senior engineer at the Dunstable centre; and Debbie Gripton who, was responsible for producing many of the commercials heard on SuperGold.

Lastly, much of this would not have been possible without Nick Leach, who brought along his newborn son, Harvey. Nick joined us as a schoolboy volunteer, and soon became indispensable as a computer wiz. He is now somebody very important within the Group I.T. Systems department of GWR Group, and we're very proud of him.

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