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Colin Blunstone

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Colin Blunstone

He used to be a Zombie, you know !

He's also got a wonderful voice - and he's an old mate !

(an his uncle Frank played outside-left for Chelsea!)

Pictured together on18th October 1995, when he came to Dunstable to join me on my SuperGold Lunchtime Show. Previously, back in April 1991, he had come in to record a very special edition of my "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" programme.

I'd been a fan of the Zombies from the very beginning, and Colin's solo hits like "Say You Don't Mind" and "I Don't Believe in Miracles" evoke special memories for me, driving around North London (on behalf of RCA) listening to Radio 1.

We first met when, an independent record promoter in 1981, I was retained to promote an unusual various-artist concept album entitled "Exiled" that had a single lifted from it by Colin, called "Miles Away". We kept in touch over the years and he never forgot to send me a Christmas card, and I ran into him again when he had the excellent hit "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted", with Dave Stewart (NOT the one from The Eurythmics, as people mistakenly think). Unfortunately, I didn't promote that hit (it was handled by Neil Ferris), but he was back in the public eye, and I was delighted.

So fast-forward to '95 and the release of his "Echo Bridge" album, and that visit to Dunstable. Subsequently, I heard regularly from fans of his, who were listeners of mine, and my wife and I would catch Colin's show whenever we could, be it at the Green Room in the Cafe Royal or The Borderline.

On Sat. 1st November 1997, when I was presenting the "Juke Box Drive-In" on elevenSEVENTY in High Wycombe, Colin and Chris White joined me on the programme for a couple of hours, reliving those Zombie days, and discussing the impending release of the Zombies Box set. Three weeks later, I was at the launch at The Jazz Cafe, in London, when the band reformed for one night.

In 2000, I heard from my niece Charly, who works for Chrysalis TV, that they were making a "Heartbreakers" edition of their Channel 4 "Top Ten" series. She thought that Colin might be good to interview for the programme, seeing as how well Jimmy Ruffin had spoken of Colin's interpretation of his hit, so I was glad to put her in touch with my old friend.

In 2001, Colin & Rod Argent recorded an album together "Out of the Shadows" (Redhouse) and went back on the road, with a really good show.

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